This Sushi Nail-Art Trend Makes Us Question A Lot Of Things

embPhoto: via @mqmx666.
Nail art has officially jumped the shark — or, should we say, the fatty tuna. According to The Wall Street Journal, sushi nail art is making some serious waves (har har) in Japan. There's textured salmon roe, shrimp complete with their tails, and bright-yellow egg rolls. Some nail artists even sculpt 3-D designs on top of their tips. It's a literal feast for the eyes.
But, that doesn't necessarily mean we feel it's something that should catch on Stateside. We love sushi as much as the next person, but there's something a little crazy about paying tribute to raw fish on your fingers. The designs themselves are beautiful, but we don't necessarily want someone to stare down at our hands and ask, "Are those fish eggs?" When it comes to our nail art, we draw the line when it starts to resemble our lunch. But, sushi as takeout? We'll have seconds, please and thank you. (The Wall Street Journal)

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