The Most Bizarre Nail Art Trends On The Internet, Ranked

Photographed by David Brandon Geeting.
At what point does a nail design stop being wearable and become purely conceptual, a thing to be looked at and appreciated from a safe distance but never actually applied? That’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves for a while now, as we watch nail art “trend” after nail art “trend” make headlines for its wild and crazy take on the humble manicure.
Like gold wire nails — they’re pretty to look at, but how would you avoid pulling your hair while trying to put it in a half-up bun? And weed manis — so cool, but good luck explaining that to a TSA agent when you’re getting ready to board an international flight. Those aren’t even the most outrageous examples of taking nail art to the next level, either.
Ahead, we’ve taken some of the wildest manicures to happen to social media and ranked them on a scale of “totally reasonable” to “why does this exist?” To be clear, we stand by our belief that beauty is in the eye (or nail polish bottle) of the beholder…but sometimes there’s no denying the fact that things got weird.

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