Is There Another Explanation For That Weird Pretty Little Liars' Scene With Spencer's Twin?

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Could we be seeing double of Spencer (Troian Bellisario) on Pretty Little Liars? While the "Spencer has a twin" theory has been one of the most popular of season 7b, our most definitive clue came during Tuesday's episode "In The Eye Abides The Heart," when it seemed that the Liars' ringleader was in two places at once. But could their be another explanation? PLL is making me rethink everything, which is exactly why I keep tuning into the series.
Though we had been following Spencer as she attempted to track down her biological mother Mary Drake (Andrea Parker), the episode abruptly shifted to show Spencer meeting up with Wren (Julian Morris) in the Philadelphia Airport, where they ran into Ezra (Ian Harding). After Spencer cagily told Ezra not to mention the meeting to anyone — aka, the other girls — it seemed obvious to many fans that she simply wasn't herself. Did we just meet the second, long-theorized Drake twin?
All signs are pointing to "yes," which is why, despite being a self-proclaimed "Spencer has a twin" truther, I'm inclined to look for alternate theories. That's because Pretty Little Liars has pretty much gaslit me into believing that whatever I'm actually seeing onscreen is likely completely false. Remember when everyone thought Wren was Charles DiLaurentis, because he was seemingly the only person who fit the bill? Perhaps that's the situation right now: the writers are sending us down the mirror-image rabbit hole, only to pull the rug out from underneath us with an even bigger twist.
So what could that "bigger twist" be? Perhaps there's no literal twin at all, and Spencer is, instead, living with some sort of television version of dissociative identity disorder. We know how much TV and movies love pulling out the "split personalities" card — I mean, you guys saw Split, right? — and given Spencer's history with mental illness, perhaps that's the sharp turn the show will make right when we're convinced Spencerietta is alive and well.
While I'm much more onboard for the evil twin thing (mostly because of how long I've combed the show for clues about the theory) I also would be equally pleased if A.D. ended up being Spencer in some capacity. Troian Bellisario — who just so happened to have directed episode "In The Eye Abides The Heart" — is one actress who would deliver a riveting villain's monologue. With Pretty Little Liars bowing out after season 7, we need our big baddie to go out on as high a note as possible.

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