Kristen Bell Revealed A Hilarious Parenting Hack On Instagram

No parent can be prepared with all the proper tools to make sure that traveling with their kids goes totally smoothly. Fortunately, Kristen Bell has a life hack that should help other desperate parents in a similarly sticky situation.
The Frozen star, who shares her two daughters Lincoln and Delta with husband Dax Shepard (with whom she is forever #couplegoals) was forced to get crafty while on an airplane when her daughter's (likely Delta's, who is 2-years-old) pull-up diaper broke. While it's unclear if Bell was out of extra diapers — or, say, was unable to change her kid thanks to that pesky rule about not moving around the cabin during turbulence — the mom of two knew exactly what to do during this dilemma.
The Veronica Mars alum took to Instagram to share her genius move:
"Quick fix for a broken pull up when you're on an airplane? Hair tie. BOOM. Next question. #mom"

Quick fix for a broken pull up when you're on an airplane? Hair tie. BOOM. Next question. #mom

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Bell rarely shares photos of her daughters, but clearly made an exception to save other moms from an icky situation.
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, The Good Place actress — who will return to the small screen for the NBC sitcom's second season — shared that her kids have helped her slow down and re-prioritize her life.
"They’ve taught me to slow down, stay in the moment," she told ET. "There’s nothing that will make you present like having a child, because, for me, the lesson I learned when I had my babies is it right sized all my problems."
One particular problem that she and Shepard squashed? Lincoln's cursing. Apparently, after Shepard "let a couple of 'motherfuckers' rip," the pair's daughter repeated the word again...only this time, she used it as a verb, Shepard revealed to Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show.
"'This pool is f--king warm,'" Shepard recalled her saying."Side note, we were like, 'She's nailing the syntax. She knows that she's using it as an adjective, an adverb. We were proud and she stopped saying it."
Hey, I guess a hair tie can't solve everything.

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