This Is The Diaper Bag Hack Every Parent Needs To Know

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Although there are some cute options, most diaper bags are bulky and unattractive and leave many parents wondering how such a tiny human can need so much stuff.
That may be why so many parents are losing it over one mom's diaper bag trick, which she posted to Facebook last week.
Elizabeth Rasco usually posts images of face painting or murals she has painted for expecting parents on her business Facebook page The Painted Dragon, but took to the platform recently to share a trick she uses to pack up the necessities for her newborn daughter.
It starts with an image of a large box of baby wipes with a black band wrapped around the lid. But the next several images reveal that when opened up, there is a regular-sized bag of wipes strapped to the lid, which frees up the rest of the box for diapers, a disposable changing table cover, and a full outfit for the baby. Rasco mentioned that she also puts a roll of doggie bags at the bottom for dirty clothes, and we bet you could also toss in a pacifier and diaper cream or something else small if it's needed.
And for super crafty moms who don't love the look of the black band (it's a dollar store headband, fyi) around the box, Rasco posted an update showing how to hide it beneath the lid.
Although this diaper bag hack, as Rasco calls it, has nothing to do with painting, she wrote in her post that she wanted to share it because "I'm pretty sure I have a few moms following that could use this."
But she probably never expected just how many parents would fall in love with her trick. The post has more than 100,000 shares as of writing, and more than 11,000 people have commented, many of them claiming that they would definitely be using this packing method for an emergency supply in the car.
The trick is good for more than just the car, though. In our opinion, it's an easy way to get rid of those bulky, ugly diaper bags for good. Just pick up a cute, large purse, pack up your baby's things using this trick, throw in whatever else you'll need (bottles, your wallet, your car keys, etc) and be on your way.

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