Chris Harrison Learned About The Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Split During A Radio Interview

Can we spare a quick thought for Chris Harrison, guys? The poor man just wants to find a husband for Rachel Lindsay and keep up the ruse of reality TV being a relationship goldmine. Why does everyone have to make his job harder by breaking up all the time? And why can't they at least give him a heads up before he goes off to do a radio interview?
The 45-year-old Bachelor host was perhaps the only one caught unawares — c'mon, we all saw this coming — by yesterday's announcement that Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell have broken up. He received the bad news while on the air with Mario Lopez of all people.
People reports that Lopez wasted no time in asking Harrison about the split during an interview for his iHeartRadio show, which will air today.
“First of all, I did not know that," Harrison responded, no doubt feeling a bit like George Clooney being briefed on the Brangelina breakup. "Is that true? You’re breaking news to me. I really did not know that.”
Harrison, who will host The Bachelorette beginning next week, sounded both surprised and saddened by the news.
“Apparently I did not see that coming," he told Lopez. "I love them both. They are really two of my favorite people we’ve ever had on the show and Ben is a really good friend.
“I know that they have struggled with the show and then kind of continuing on and doing their reality show (Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?) and kind of where the show stopped and then where life began,” he added. “So I know they were fighting through a bunch of stuff. But I don’t know. I’ll reach out to them. I’m very sorry to hear that because I do care about them very much.”
He might also want to check in on Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi. Just saying.
Video: Via People.
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