Harry Styles Is All About Millennial Pink

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Harry Styles is doing an excellent job at creating a new persona for himself after One Direction's split. His self-titled solo album was released this week, and Styles has done an excellent job promoting it. Styles is flying through the air, defending young girls' musical tastes, and saying really nice things about Taylor Swift. Harry Styles also appears to love millennial pink, and we're here for it.
Millennial pink has been ubiquitous for years now, and it doesn't show any signs of leaving the mainstream. If you're not familiar with the hue, The Cut has an excellent explainer on its rise in popularity. As writer Lauren Schwartzberg explains, millennial pink is a "genderless mascot" that doesn't fall into traditionally gendered color palettes. The pale color is "cheeky, sincere, and nostalgic all at once," according to Schwartzberg. And it's everywhere, even on Harry Styles' album. The cover art features a shirtless Styles in millennial pink-hued water. And the vinyl album is millennial pink and white, too.
The artwork evokes a softer, more intimate feeling than other colors would have; it's also just pretty to look at. And the album cover would have evoked a totally different feel if the singer had been in blue-toned water, rather than the pale pink. (If you think we're reading too much into the emotion the color provokes, consider the fact that Mashable recently published an article titled "Harry Styles' song 'Sweet Creature' will have you crying millennial pink tears.")
Styles has been sporting pink clothes recently, too — he wore a pink suit to perform on the Today show during the Citi Concert Series. His suit was more pigmented than millennial pink, for sure, but it's definitely not an outfit One Direction would have performed in.
Most recently, Styles was spotted wearing a red and white tartan suit. Okay, that's not pink — but it could be if the colors were mixed together! Clearly, Styles' aura is millennial pink. It's just so him.
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