The New Harry Styles Video Has Already Inspired Glorious Memes

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There are a few things in this life we can count on: death, sex, taxes, and Harry Styles memes. The former One Direction darling recently struck out solo, and he's doing quite well in case you hadn't noticed. These days he doesn't have to do much to inspire a meme — for example, in the trailer for the movie Dunkirk, the musician appears only twice. That's plenty, though, and his few seconds of screen time were quickly repurposed for internet humor. Monday morning, Styles dropped a new music video for his song "Sign of the Times." The video is 5 minutes and 41 seconds of pure Harry Styles. As the laws of life stipulate, the video has already inspired plenty of memes.
The video itself is actually very simple. It involves sir Styles hanging out on what looks like the bluffs of Scotland. He's looking moody and gloomy, singing about "the sign of the times." It's all fairly typical music video stuff — until Styles begins to levitate. And thus, a meme was born. Levitating Harry Styles? Bring on the wingardium leviosa references! Give us GIFs of flying cats! Roll out the Jesus references! Despite its simplicity, the video is truly a treasure trove — Harry Styles, thank you for giving us content like this.
Before you see the memes, though, take a peek at the full video. (Assuming you haven't already watched it several times, as I have.)
Then, just to remind you of what's important in this life, a GIF of the good stuff.

The flying shenanigans, which happen continually throughout the music video, only get more dramatic. Here's Harry Styles floating toward sunlit clouds.
Here's Harry Styles effectively walking on water and yes, ascending toward Heaven.
The true meme experts have blended Dunkirk themes with the new video.
And, of course, there are One Direction references.
In the meme matrix, things tend to spin out of hand until the content no longer makes much logical sense. But that doesn't mean it's not funny. In fact, the top of the meme pyramid is the best it gets.
And, of course, where would we be without a High School Musical reference?

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