Josh Murray Tells Steve Harvey That Dating Is "Hopeless" After Exes' Allegations Of Emotional Abuse

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Well, there's two names we never expected to see together. Josh Murray is seeking help with his love life from none other than... Steve Harvey? The TV host is helping to remedy the former Bachelorette winner's dating life — which Murray calls "hopeless" — on Tuesday's episode of The Steve Harvey Show. Murray told the host that dating is difficult for him following accusations from exes Andi Dorfman and Amanda Stanton.
In a preview clip, Harvey asks Murray if any of the allegations by his exes are true. "What actually has happened to you since the show is that two of these women have actually bad-mouthed you publicly, one claiming verbal abuse, the other one saying that you were a bit controlling," Harvey said. (Dorfman has said he was extremely emotionally and verbally abusive towards her during their "volatile and fucked up relationship" after he won The Bachelor. Bachelor In Paradise star Stanton, who split from Murray at the end of 2016, said he was "extremely controlling". In March, he called the cops on Stanton to repossess a car he gave her.)
But according to Murray, his only crime was staying in a bad relationship. "That's what's tough to hear all the time. In this relationship I definitely take fault for continuing something and not being happy when I know I should walk away. And I feel like people can relate in any situation — you're in something that you don't want to be in, it ends up just not being very good... but I don't like airing my dirty laundry, and I don't like talking bad about other people and ruining their lives. But unfortunately that's happened with mine and it's very frustrating."
As you can imagine, women have formed their own opinions about Murray based on what his exes allege and it's taken a toll on his romantic life. "I mean, it's affected [my dating life] tremendously. I feel hopeless, and I feel like, you know, people are already judging me based on what others are saying, so I don't know what to do or how to handle it. I'm in trouble, I know." At this point, the former reality star appears to wipe a tear from his eye.
Luckily, Murray has renowned relationship guru Harvey at his side. "I'm going to help you out, because I've been on that end of it man, I've been ate up on the internet before," Harvey said, referring to his infamous Miss Universe bungle. Harvey will film Murray on a date, analyze his "techniques," and set him up on another date with Miss Gibraltar 2013 Maroua Kharbouch. Murray is probably hoping Ms. Kharbouch isn't one to keep up on Bachelor Nation news.

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