The Newest Trend In Gender Reveals Is A Lot More Subtle

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
Revealing the sex of a new baby for expecting families run the gamut of traditional to elaborate to uh, the stuff of actual nightmares. But there’s a new, more subtle way to reveal your baby’s assigned gender: nail art. Beauty fans, take note: mamas-to-be are decorating their nails with charming pink and blue designs, along with motifs of bottles, footprints, and minuscule pacifiers. And, of course, it isn't nail art without adding things like polka dots and pops of glitter.
Nail gurus are using their nails to tease the sex of their new babies, with multicolored looks in purple and green, as well as alternating the traditional pink and blue on each hand or finger. These looks are also a cute way to celebrate being pregnant when the baby’s sex is still unknown, or if the parents choose to not assign a gender immediately.
Indirect sex reveals can be a great way to delight in pregnancy without throwing a full-on party. Nails aren’t the only way to go subtle, as Beyoncé (maybe? possibly?!) revealed to us that she’s carrying twin boys by wearing the earrings from the “If I Were a Boy” music video. Amanda Seyfriend also maybe made a reveals by casually using male pronouns when referring to her baby bump. For mommas who don’t care for fanfare, this subtle trend is a fun way to welcome their bundle of joy into their world.
Of course, the sex of a baby is assigned at birth based on visible primary sex characteristics, like genitalia. While for most people, their assigned gender identity lines up with their anatomy, this isn’t always the case.Fetal genitalia can also develop in atypical ways, leading to intersex characteristics that don’t fit our conventional ideas of gender. So while gender reveal parties can be a lot of fun for expecting families, it’s important to remember that gender identity is fluid and only the person themselves can determine who they are.
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