This Is A Gender Reveal Video You Have To See To Believe

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Love them or hate them, "gender reveal" parties are here to stay. Happy parents-to-be can get pretty creative with pink or blue balloons, cake, and giant explosions of smoke.
But this might be the most epic reveal yet. Actor Taylor Calmus recruited three friends while his pregnant wife was away to set up a Rube Goldberg machine throughout the couple's entire three-story house.
The machine was kicked off by the couple's son knocking a sippy cup off his crib. That sent a bottle of baby powder spinning, which knocked into a toy car, which flew down a ramp, and so on. At the end the domino effect, pink or blue streamers would blow out of a wooden box to reveal the sex of their child.
And in case you were wondering if the set up took a long time, it did.
“One piece would fail over and over and over again and once we’d finally get it working something else that had been working the entire time would fail,” Calmus told Huffington Post. “Rube Goldberg machines are equally satisfying and frustrating! If I had to guess I’d say we tried it around 50 times once it was all set up."
The three dedicated friends who helped Aaron Huisman, Doug Oliphant, and Jush Allen filmed the machine running through different parts of the house so the couple could catch the whole thing on video. One friend even took charge of the end stage of the reveal, so Calmus and his wife could both be surprised about the sex.
We won't ruin the surprise ending, but let's just say the couple is thrilled about their baby-to-be. Calmus, who runs Dude Dad Vlog, said the intricate setup wasn't about going viral (it has been viewed millions of times as of writing). It was a way to celebrate the new addition to their family.
“To be honest, I would have been happy we did it even if nobody else saw it,” he said. “It’s such a huge event I felt it could not be summed up in a mere cupcake.”
Watch the whole reveal below.

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