Amanda Seyfried Maybe Just Revealed The Sex Of Her Baby

Photo: Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock.
In a very charming interview with W Magazine about being the face of Givenchy's Live Irrésistible Délicieuse fragrance, Amanda Seyfried may have let some big, non-perfume-related info slip. She referred to her unborn baby as "he." "Well, whatever happens, he’ll hopefully crave cottage cheese his whole life," Seyfried said of her first child with fiancé Thomas Sadosky. "And there will be no stigma with it for him (points to belly)." Did she do that on purpose? Is she just using male pronouns as a stand-in without knowing the sex herself? We may not actually know for a while, but we can distract ourselves from that important fact by fully taking in the other revelations of this interview. For instance, the whole he/him thing was kicked off by Seyfried admitting that she's been craving cottage cheese during her pregnancy, but eats it in secret because of its negative image. "I feel that I need to eat it alone," she said. "It’s a very strange thing. Also, look at what it looks like and how you eat it...I think it’s the texture. The texture is embarrassing." On a more serious note, she also said she hopes her son (?) grows up in a world that's more open about mental health. "I also feel like there’s so much less stigma about everything, like mental health," she said, in a strange segue from all that cottage cheese talk. "If I’d only known when I was obsessive-compulsive about stuff when I was 10, I would have shared it with my parents and not thought that I was crazy... That could have saved 10 years of my life feeling that I wasn’t normal. And I really hope the younger generations are hopefully feeling safer in being who they are." At the very least, they should be able to enjoy their curds without shame.

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