Katy Perry Singing Gibberish Is Your New Favorite Meme

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Katy Perry isn't a pop star who takes herself too seriously. Case in point: Perry's recent vacation photos and videos. They are honestly the most bizarre thing you may ever see on the internet. Seriously, that video of Harry Potter's Dobby dancing to Shakira may haunt your dreams. Knowing Perry's sense of humor, though, it's hard to believe she wouldn't give her approval to the latest Katy Perry meme to be sweeping the internet.
This time around, it's Perry singing gibberish that has people going meme crazy. As Buzzfeed reported there's always been those people that think Perry can't sing, so as a joke, someone decided to test that theory posting a clip of her singing her 2011 hit "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" in some weird language.
Turns out, that weird language is actually Simlish, you know, the fictional language from the The Sims games. Perry recorded this version for The Sims 3 and to be honest, once you hear her sing "Lass frooby noo" it's hard not to love it. That's probably why the internet has been having so much fun coming up with memes to go with the clip for days now.
There were those on Twitter that had fun using it as the "me when" example of any time you don't know the lyrics to something, whether it's Miley Cyrus's new song "Malibu," or Perry adversary Taylor Swift's entire discography. As someone else tweeted, it's "Me when KP4 tour comes along and I still haven't remembered all of the lyrics to the album yet." We've all been there.
One person had fun throwing Perry's gibberish into the Meryl Streep meme where she shouts back lyrics. What's better than Perry singing Simlish? The thought of Streep doing it too.
If you still want more of Perry singing gibberish, may I suggest just watching the full video. Honestly, give Perry all the awards for this performance. Just don't blame us if you can't help but sing "Last Friday Night" like this from now on.
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