You Have To Watch This Guy's Magical Transformation Into A "Manicorn"

As we now know all too well, there are many ways to look, feel, eat, drink, and live your life like a unicorn. You can use unicorn makeup brushes, eat a unicorn bagel, wear “unicorn skin” shoes, drink a unicorn Frappuccino, get a new hairstyle inspired by a unicorn Frappuccino, wear unicorn makeup, and even go off on a Snapchat rant about who invented unicorn makeup in the first place. The possibilities are endless!
But, on the off chance you still need an example of the incredible versatility of the unicorn trend, there’s one more way you can channel the mystical creature we just can’t seem to escape these days: on your beard, if you have one. Here, makeup artist Kristen Leanne uses her husband to demonstrate how easy it is to take your facial hair from average to extra:
Armed with the three shades of Pop Beauty’s Lashy Flashy mascara — Purple Passion, Blue Bloom, and Tantalizing Teal — Kristen went to work on transforming her spouse into a full-fledged “manicorn.” It’s easier than hitting the bleach before you can go in with those Lime Crime unicorn dyes, that’s for sure — and probably a lot less of a hassle to wash out, too. Perfect for those dudes who want to see what it's like to be a unicorn without actually committing to being a unicorn, you know?

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