Jeffree Star Is In Another Major Makeup Feud — Over Unicorns

For someone whose primary occupation is running an internet-famous beauty brand and not being a politician, Jeffree Star seems to find himself entrenched in a great deal of industry drama. In addition to his drawn-out beef with former bestie-turned-not so much Kat Von D, Star has recently been accused of ripping off indie brand Black Moon Cosmetics. (To be fair, Black Moon’s claim that they were the first brand to use a “holographic crescent moon on a black background to distribute cosmetic products” seems a bit fishy to begin with...)

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This past weekend, Star kicked off another spat with a fellow beauty celebrity. The flurry of impassioned tweets, followed by an extensive Snapchat rant, targeted Too Faced founder Jerrod Blandino. The subject matter of the outburst? Unicorn makeup. Yep, we're fighting about it now.
It all began when Blandino shared a now-deleted post to Instagram, in which he refers to the iconic Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears lipstick as “the original that started a craze and still holds the #1 spot as the best-selling lipstick in all of Ulta.” Blandino also added the hashtag “#ThereArentUnicornsInTheAmazon,” which Star interpreted as an alleged subtle dig at Tarte Cosmetics, which has an extensive rainforest-themed collection, and a recent line of unicorn-inspired products. (Too Faced has not yet commented on the matter.) Star wrote, "LOL When the owner of Too Faced throws shade at @tartecosmetics like he invented unicorns... #egomaniac."
After more than 20 dramatic tweets directed toward Blandino and his brand, Star took to Snapchat to fully express his frustrations. “So I'm scrolling through Instagram right now and the owner of Too Faced just threw major shade at Tarte Cosmetics. He posts a picture of his own Unicorn Tears lipstick with the hashtag, #ThereArentAnyUnicornsinTheAmazon… oh,” he began.:
The rest of his monologue (which you can watch in full as part of this fan response video, if you feel so inclined) is riddled with expletive-laden vitriol, and Star concludes, “I just wanted to go on a little rant and just vent because sometimes a bitch needs to let out her feelings and I'm tired of the shadiness. At the end of the day, makeup is about creativity and inspiring others and having fun with art and creating. Let's go back to that.” We’d venture to say that this outburst is definitely not conducive to that narrative, but we digress...
Refinery29 has reached out to Too Faced and Jeffree Star for comment. We’ll update this post when we hear back.