This Hidden Section Of Nike's Site May Change Our Shopping Habits, For Better Or Worse

Photo: Edward Berthelot/Getty Images.
There's nothing worse than finding the most incredible new closet addition...and then realizing it's completely sold out. Sure, you can hop on a dizzyingly long waitlist along with hundreds (or, in some cases, thousands) of other people. But the next time you're angling for a fresh pair of Nikes that won't look like every other standard-issue pair of Flyknits or Dunks on the block, there's an online destination that will keep you informed about all the absolute latest drops. The brand keeps all of their forthcoming shoe launches on a handy calendar, as WhoWhatWear noted.
It's actually a desktop version of the Nike+ SNKRS app, a rep for the brand told us; the app debuted in February 2015. But the SNKRS page isn't not just a useful source for getting the latest intel on freshly-available designs. It's also your in for nabbing the latest restocks (like this morning, when the sportswear giant replenishes Air Vapormax in the asphalt colorway promptly at 10 a.m.; the exceptionally high-tech kicks are still available in women's sizing, though the men's version is already sold out). If you're really dedicated to getting first dibs on new iterations of swoosh-stamped shoes, though, you might want to clear out some storage space on your phone for the aforementioned app, which continually gets tricked out with new features; currently, you can input your sneaker preferences in your profile, and the app will notify you when new products are announced and the minute they go on sale.
That isn't the only secret destination on Nike's site for scoping out new sneaker styles that you weren't even aware your closet was lacking. There's also the Shoe Stream, a blog-like page of new styles that are rolling out soon, so you can have a few days (or, in some cases, a few weeks) of a notice on new, often special- or limited-edition kicks debuting soon. As for upcoming drops, if you're fiending for those macaron-themed pastel Flyknits, you can fetch yourself a pair (in "Pistachio," perhaps?) when they drop at 10 a.m. May 10th. Just a friendly reminder.
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