'90s Nostalgia Is Here To Stay — & We Have The Shoes To Prove It

Brace yourselves: Platform flip-flops are taking this season by storm (seriously). Just when we were finally coming down from last week's Steve Madden excitement (if you need a reminder, click here), we've caught wind that yet another popular '90s shoe is back. That's right: Rocket Dog's platform sandals — in all their foamy, rainbow-layered, thong-sandal glory — have officially reentered the zeitgeist.
Launching Wednesday, Rocket Dog has collaborated with fashion insider Elizabeth Saltzman (who was an early and consistent adopter of the style) on an exclusive collection that reimagines the brand's iconic "Bigtop" sandal — the sky-high kicks that made appearances in everything from Clueless to My So Called Life. And somehow, no matter how much we hate to say it, they seem more relevant than ever (probably because we've gotten so used to fashion's fascination with nostalgia). The six-piece offering, complete with new embellishments, colors, and materials, retails for $85 a pair and is yours for the taking at MatchesFashion, The Store in London and Berlin, and on RocketDog.com (Nordstrom will also carry the line this spring). We've even seen a couple similar pairs creeping up at Forever 21, which means the trend is this close to hitting the masses.
"Life is cyclical… I think there are many trends we never wanted to see again from decades past, and perhaps for some, platform sandals are one of those trends," Saltzman to Refinery29. "But not me. It’s impossible not to look at these shoes and smile, and who wouldn’t want a bit of joy these days? This collaboration is all about happiness and happy feet." And that's a reasoning we can definitely get behind.
We know it's only Wednesday, but this is a #TBT moment we can't resist dipping slipping our toes into. If you're a '90s kid (or one who wishes you were), click on to shop the collection, and let the memories roll back in.