Demi Lovato Just Got Another Tattoo — & It's HUGE

The meaning behind celebrity tattoos spans far and wide. Whether the ink manifested out of spontaneity or if its significance is something personal, it's normal to wonder what inspired the permanent move. And lately, we’ve been noticing a pattern: Stars are getting animals designs and we need to know why.
Take Justin Bieber for example. He has more body art than hit songs (and that's saying something). But his latest tattoos, a grizzly bear and eagle, triggered the question: What do they mean? Even self-identified animal lover Kesha has over 30 tats, two of which are whales and one a tiger. Now Demi Lovato is hopping on the craze with a new hand tattoo, and it’s anything but subtle.
Photo: Via @ddlovato/Instagram.
Photo: Via @ddlovato/Instagram.
The singer is no stranger to tattoos.; she's said she has somewhere in the ballpark of 30. But the newest addition to her body art collection is bigger than all of them combined (minus that massive dreamcatcher on her ribs). Lovato took to Instagram to off her fresh new ink, which is a lion that extends across the entire top of her left hand from her wrist to her knuckles.

@ddlovato sometimes the canvas makes the art ;) Thank you for your trust

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Lovato and the majestic animal seem to go hand in hand. Her birthday is in August, which means her zodiac sign is Leo. So if we had to guess, this tattoo symbolizes all that that stands for: loyalty, protectivion, and bravery. Even more, lions are an emblem of strength — a consistent message you'll find in most of Lovato's songs. (She even has a song called “Lionheart.) The tattoo artist behind the ink, Bang Bang, seems to have confirmed our sleuthing in an Instagram post: “Sometimes the canvas makes the art," he wrote.
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