6 Spring Colors That Might Just Be The Next "Millennial Pink"

Each year, spring is the season the fashion world decides to re-embrace color; it's a time to say a sound 'goodbye' to the all-black outfits that symbolized our feelings on the weather of the cold months before. And though we can call trends off the runway until our faces turn blue, it's not until the temperatures change for good that we can confidently call any emerging patterns — like what shades we should be adding to our closets.
So, we at Refinery29 have thrown our heads together to come up with a definitive list of spring 2017's coolest colors. A month in, we've watched a few particular hues elbow their way towards the front of the pack — things like a smile-inducing poppy red, and a muted lilac fit for your most Instagram-worthy. Your closet may be looking a bit brighter than it did just a month or two ago, but really, does anything feel as good than switching things up every now and then?