Rihanna's Coachella Look Leaves The Twittersphere Completely Beside Itself

When Rihanna steps out of her tinted Escalade, whether she's on her way to the dentist or the Met Gala, you pay attention. The sheer extravagance that follows her every move makes for truly unforgettable moments. The singer can walk on grates in six-inch heels like she's in sneakers, for Pete's sake. There is quite literally nothing she can't do. But, yet again, the street style tricks of a real bad gal are endless, apparently: She defied even her own standards with a look at Coachella this weekend that left Twitter completely speechless. If you're wondering how such a thing is even possible, take notes.
For starters, she's Rihanna. Write that down. Second, she wore Gucci. To be honest, the list can stop right there, but for our mutual amusement, we'll keep going. Now, Rihanna didn't just wear any old Gucci look — and let's remember that the Barbados native wears more Gucci than, well, anyone else wearing Gucci these days — but a look straight from their fall 2017 collection that stunned even the fashiongoers in the front row. Remember when she told you guys she was phresh out the runway? Yeah, she wasn't playing. Now, just imagine those Coachella kids' reactions when they saw her clear across the damn desert, thanks to RiRi wearing more crystals than we'd even dare to try counting.
The singer posted the look to her Instagram with a caption that's all too relatable, especially when pulling a stunt as legendary as that. "I can't go home yet, cuz enough people ain't seen my outfit," she wrote. That's right, Rihanna — don't go home. Please, stay outside. Because if there's one thing left in this world that we hold dear, that nourishes us more than fashion and life itself, it's you. Now, let's look at some Twitter reactions because, boy, are they good.
Yes, everyone. Please, feel free to exit the field. The exit is to your left. But Rihanna, you have to stay. Sorry, we haven't gotten enough pictures of your outfit.
We concur. In fact, it is hilarious. Let's continue.
She's Ri(h)sen! Thank you, God — and thank you, Rihanna — for this holy moment.
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