Rihanna, Your Shoes Are Stressing Us Out

I'm stressed out about a lot of things right now: work, money, relationships, Fashion Month, the state of our country, etc. But you know what really stresses me the hell out? Rihanna walking on grates in 6-inch stilettos like it's nothing. And the internet agrees.
Photo: AKMGSI.
For the umpteenth time this year, Rihanna has been caught all smiles, waving to the paparazzi as she struts across playing-with-death type structures. Most recently, the unapologetic songstress was seen in Paris walking along the foundation of a ferris wheel covered in hundreds of holes just the right size to sink her shoe into. And what's even more frustrating (and stress-inducing) is how close she gets to them. But how? We've seen your performances, Rihanna. We know you can dance, thus we know you've got balance and rhythm. But this...this is some illuminati-type sorcery that we're too scared to touch. Were you a model in a past life? A damn runway coach? If the stars were knocked out of alignment one night, would you even fall? Or would your stiletto hover, as if by magic, over a tiny hole its exact size? Because THAT would stress us out, too. As @Msyonce tweeted, this is "how close my life is to falling apart."
Photo: AKMGSI.

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