Proof That The Kardashians Were Fashionable, Even In The '90s

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Sometimes it is hard to remember a time before we were keeping up with the Kardashians. It feels like we have known them forever, but every once in a while, one of them busts out a photo that reminds us that they weren't always famous, didn't always have a full-time glam squad, and did, in fact, go through awkward phases just like the rest of us. Since her social media break after the robbery in Paris (which The New York Post speculated could have cost her more than the robbery itself), Kim Kardashian West has shifted away from sharing everything as it is happening on social media. She has now become our go-to source for before-they-were-famous and behind-the-scenes moments. This week, Kim shared a '90s snapshot of her (taken by photographer Lauren Greenfield) and older sister Kourtney.


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Kim's caption is, simply, "'90's." Kim and Kourtney's respective looks in the photo are also simply '90s. Both women are rocking some grunge flannels but, like, totally awesome and appropriate San Fernando Valley meet-me-at-the-mall flannels. Red lipstick and distressed denim complete the look.
Kim and Kourtney were teenagers during the height of '90s grunge, but, let's be honest here. Nothing much about Kim or Kourtney points to jumping in a mosh-pit or slamming your bedroom door and cranking Nirvana. Although, Kourtney does have the whole I'm-so-over-it vibe in the photo that she still rolls with today. Hard to believe that the Kim in that picture is now friends with Courtney Love, herself a high priestess of grunge, and sits with Love at fashion shows. Love told Refinery 29 she was with Kim at the Givenchy show just an hour before the Paris robbery.
Flannels aside, our guess is that most of the time, the Kardashian ladies were more like Mandy Moore in this '90s #TBT that the This Is Us star shared of her and Justin Timberlake than Kim's new pal Courtney.
Either way, keep the pictures coming. Our Kardashian nostalgia knows no bounds.

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