L.L.Bean Just Redesigned Its Classic Duck Boot — & We're Obsessed

One hundred and five years since its opening, L.L.Bean is stepping outside its comfort zone and introducing a few new upgrades to its beloved duck boot — and loyal fans, it's time to get really excited.
Offered in earthy hues like plum and burnt orange, the recently launched class of the best-selling shoe is being advertised as one-of-a-kind, small batch editions, meaning they're probably going to sell out more than usual. But, color isn't the only thing that's getting changed up: L.L.Bean is playing with the boot's upper styles, too, by introducing a few new silhouettes, like a Chelsea and a 16" lace-up option. And for winter, expect two of your favorite cozy materials, flannel and shearling, to be the inner lining that keeps your toes warm.
Also changing is how the retailer releases its drops: L.L.Bean will now be staggering its launch dates and collections by season, meaning you can grab the spring batch now, but you'll have to wait until August to get your hands on the summer one, and until November to buy the winter pieces. For the impatient among us, feat not: L.L.Bean is offering a visual preview of future styles on its homepage.
Over the last few years, the durable shoe has amassed a cult following, with everyone from hipsters to fashion editors to those who genuinely just need a pair of reliable, weatherproof boots ensuring the duck boot craze never dies out. So, if you're eyeing one of the new looks, we suggest clicking through ASAP. And to avoid being left in the dust, don't forget to add the future release dates to your calendar so you'll be prepared for when they hit stores. You know, the early bird gets the worm, etc., etc.