Everyone In Hollywood Uses This One Highlighter — & You'll Never Guess What It Is

You can’t swing a Fendi purse these days without hitting a new highlighter formula off its shelf. There are liquids that dispense slowly and go on sheer for a well-controlled sheen exactly where you want it. A “dewy duochrome” for the “I woke up like this (or would have if I was an off-duty model)” effect. Kylie-crafted powders with sparkle so strong, you can probably see them from TRAPPIST-1.
No two are made alike, or so they claim, using perplexing terms like “micro-pearlescent” and “naturally lit luminosity” and “actual crystals” to describe what is, at the end of the day, just something that makes your face look pleasantly shiny. The differences between them are negligible, except to the very discriminating, and a good one really isn’t all that hard to find.
And if you’re currently in the market for a very good one, then Marc Jacobs Beauty Glow Stick Glistening Illuminator might be it, particularly if you want cheekbones like Kate Bosworth, or shoulders like Emily Ratajkowski, or an all-over I-only-eat-organic radiance like Emma Watson. Call it one of the red carpet's worst-kept secrets.

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They’re just a few of the Hollywood mainstays who've used the silky-soft cream. Because if any beauty product can truly be universal, a perfect fit for all skin types and tones, then this highlighter might be it. Even the shimmer-averse, who shy from anything that lights up beyond 40 watts, can learn to love the balance of gold and silver pigments that create a legit-looking glow on just about everyone. The texture is creamy. The twist-up packaging is both foolproof and portable.
Blend it with your fingers for a realistic, healthy glow. Layer it on thick to do the whole “strobing” thing without looking like the dreaded disco ball. Smooth it over your collarbones, your shoulders, even your legs, for when a face that gleams just isn’t enough. It’s easy, and you’ll never look back on the days when you owned 15 highlighters and didn’t know what to do with a single one.
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