This Trending Hashtag Is The Body-Positive Movement We Need

It's pretty clear by now that the idea of having a thigh gap is ridiculous for a majority of women (and men, and people of all other genders). Still, having big thighs has often been considered a flaw.
Now, a new body-positive movement taking over Twitter is celebrating thick thighs – and we're so here for it. People are sharing photos of their thighs using the hashtag #BigThighTwitter and, in doing so, are helping to highlight the ridiculous and unrealistic beauty standards still peddled by the mainstream media.
The photos show people embracing their so-called “big thighs,” instead of hiding them away under unflattering clothing, as women have been pressured to do for decades.
The movement is part of a wider trend of body-positive images flooding social media. Women are using Instagram to fight the sometimes problematic messages hawked by the #fitspo and #eatclean brigade, and as a way to learn to love their bodies.
Meanwhile, models like Emily Bador in the UK, and Americans Barbie Ferreira and Diana Veras, are sharing body-positive selfies and thoughtful messages decrying society’s obsession with thinness.
There's obviously nothing wrong with having slim thighs – we should all be able to embrace, or at least accept, our bodies regardless of their shape. But movements like #BigThighTwitter are an important reminder that many – if not most – of us will never have a thigh gap.

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