The Hilarious "Scientific" Explanation For The Thigh-Gap Phenomenon

Since its inception in early 2013, the so-called "thigh gap" trend has done a great job making people mad across the Internet. Spawned by thinspo blogs and Reddit trolls, the pursuit of a #thighgap has become an actual thing in itself, with everything from workouts to plastic surgery promising to deliver that "all-important" inch of empty space in the upper thigh area. And, perhaps even more frustrating than the phenomenon itself is that attempts to poke fun at this clearly ridiculous concept have largely missed the mark.
Until now, that is. The crazy kids at College Humor have taken it upon themselves to unlock the "mystery of the female thigh gap," tasking "scientists" with tracing the origins of our strange obsession. Much as it might surprise you, there is apparently no scientific basis for our "mass cultural delusion." Even after "studying the gap in its natural habitat," the "experts" couldn't find a single logical explanation for our "idolatry of nothingness." Instead, they point out its origins as a misogynistic, "dat ass!"-adjacent way for men to consume women's bodies online and define what makes them sexy. Go figure!
Watch the clip below for a much-needed, on-point takedown of this truly ridiculous trend.

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