John Legend Is Convinced Chrissy Teigen Has A Secret Crush On Zac Efron

Photo: Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock
Few people go through life without having at least one celebrity crush. Apparently, that fact isn't reserved for just us "normals." Other stars can totally crush on their celebrity peers — even if they're married to the inimitable John Legend. Chrissy Teigen may never admit that she's secretly into this former Disney Channel star, but her husband knows it's the real deal.
Teigen is the host of Sports Illustrated web series Convos With Chrissy, in which she chats with people who make the magazine's Swimsuit Edition amazing. On the third and final episode of the series, Teigen talked to Samantha Hoopes, a swimsuit model who will appear in the latest edition. During the interview, Teigen asked Hoopes who her "hall pass" was — a.k.a. the person she'd get one guilt-free hookup with — and also revealed her very own secret celebrity crush. Well, okay — the celebrity her La La Land actor husband is convinced that Teigen would use as her freebie. She told Hoopes:
"John thinks I really like Zac Efron because I can never stop watching his movies."
My immediate thought was: what movies does Teigen watch over and over? Is she a Charlie St. Cloud kind of girl? Does she really love bromance-meets-romance in That Awkward Moment? Or, is she a traditionalist who prefers 17 Again and High School Musical to Efron's newer fare?
Whatever movie Teigen is semi-obsessed with, I doubt Legend minds all that much. After all, this celebrity couple is so cute it's borderline disgusting. (Just kidding, I love it and I'd cry if the cuteness ever stopped.) Whether they're sharing memes about one another on Twitter or teasing one another on the red carpet, Teigen and Legend know how to have fun. (And the fact that their baby makes three? Way too precious for words.)
Sorry, Efron, but I'm not so sure that Teigen will be cashing in on that hall pass anytime soon... even if she really does fantasize about your shower scene in The Lucky One.

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