You'll Want To Get Your Hands On Shower Jelly As Soon As You See This Video

With bar soap deemed irrelevant unless it looks like a unicorn and standard-issue shampoos getting the boot in favor of the innovative new formulas on the market, it was only a matter of time before someone gave the humble body wash a do-over, too. Bath & Body Works has officially stepped up to the plate with its latest creation, the CocoShea Honey Bath & Shower Jelly. We could try to describe it, but we’re afraid we wouldn’t be able to do it justice with words alone.
Thankfully, that won’t be necessary, because Cosmopolitan went ahead and filmed the jelly in action — and once you watch it do its thing, your only question will be where (and how quickly) can buy it.
As you can see, the magic of this stuff is all in the name: The cleanser somehow bears a similarity to both honey and jelly, which makes for one very bouncy experience. As for the ingredients list, which features cocoa butter and shea butter as its star players, it really isn’t all that different from other moisturizing gel body washes — but the unusual texture makes it so special, and so much more fun. (Obviously.)
It’s probably no coincidence that the jelly also smells just like honey, so it’s best-suited for those who enjoy smelling like food and maybe wouldn’t mind attracting a bee or two. But if you prefer your bath and body products not fall into the “good enough to eat” category, don’t panic about the lack of shower jelly in your life just yet: The brand will be launching more fragrance options, all priced at $16.50, with the rest of its summer collection very soon. Speaking of, have you heard of this great scent called "cucumber melon"?

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