The Best New Shampoos For Your Hair Type & Budget

Photographed by Brayden Olson.
It's easy to blame your tools, genetics, or lack of styling prowess for bad hair days, but the problem might actually be your shampoo. Using too much or too little or even the wrong kind could be setting you up for frizz, lank locks, or overly dry or oily strands. But that stops now, because a bunch of innovative new shampoos just hit the market — and there's one for every hair type and budget.
These shampoos don't just clean, but they also protect your hair from environmental damage, balance your scalp, and even help you retain the color you just blew your entire paycheck on.
Click through to find 24 rad new shampoos just waiting to usurp the one currently in your shower. We see good hair days in your future.