The End Of Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Is Nigh

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Now that Ivanka Trump the person has finally fully separated herself from Ivanka Trump the brand (because now that she's no longer president of the company no one one will ever associate Ivanka Trump with Ivanka Trump again, right?), new Ivanka Trump president Abigail Klem has quite a task at hand. In the words of Yael Kohen, "How do you run a brand that sells a real person’s life — one that she's out there living very publicly — when you can no longer mention, refer to, or show her?"
Only time — and likely a series of calculated moves away from the Ivanka Trump brand tradition — will tell. One of those moves, apparently, is saying sayonara (or should we say dasvidanya?) to the brand's luxury line of jewelry.
An Ivanka Trump (the brand) rep just confirmed to Racked that the company is stepping out of the high-end jewels game. Given the brand's breakup with Nordstrom and its disappearing and reappearing act on the Neiman Marcus website as of late, it's about time Ivanka Trump (the brand) nailed down some concrete plans for its future without Ivanka Trump (the person).
“As part of our company’s commitment to offering solution-oriented products at accessible price points, we have decided to discontinue the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry collection,” Klem said in a statement. “We will be focusing our efforts on existing and new categories that are most relevant to our loyal customers — including fashion jewelry, which successfully launched last fall with price points that are aligned with the rest of our collection.”
Perhaps Ivanka Trump (the brand) is trying to change her wealthy image in hopes of seeming less out-of-touch with middle class voters — among whom are some of President Trump's most staunch supporters. ("Its" wealthy image, I mean. Because we're talking about a brand here. I think.)
Racked reports that Ivanka Trump (the brand) will soon be swapping out its collection of $20K necklaces for the likes of $35 faux pearl earrings. Sounds like a smart move. Because hey, setting an example of relatable and affordable fashion choices from the powerful platform of the First Family is a pretty cool thing to do. I'm so glad Ivanka thought of it.

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