Alert: A Choker Has Made Its Way Into The Oval Office

Photo: Zach Gibson/Getty Images.
If that viral photo of Kellyanne Conway's feet on an Oval Office couch wasn't enough, we now bring to you yet another must-see moment from inside the White House this week. President Trump managed to find approximately eight women to crowd around him for a photo after he signed the H.R. 321 and H.R. 255 bills, which direct NASA and the National Science Foundation to encourage women to enter STEM fields, such as animal studies, environmental sciences, and information technology. But we can't help but address the elephant in the room: a very ubiquitous accessory trend, worn by none other than Ivanka Trump. It's a fashion moment we wouldn't exactly expect to spot inside the President's chamber. Ah, there it is. See that? That black ribbon-like thing right there? That happens to be 2016's hottest trend: the choker. (Well, it's definitely a more lighthearted Oval Office sighting than the photo Ivanka tweeted of herself sitting at her father's desk as he and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau looked on, with a caption about "women having a seat at the table," and the responses it generated.) We're unsure if the choker is from Ivanka's own fashion line, but the designer's been known to try her hand at the neck-hugging style in the past, and she's got at least one currently for sale at Lord & Taylor. Trump styled the minimalist accessory with a red blazer featuring an exaggerated black lapel, which we're assuming was intended to accentuate the black accessory. She coordinated her look with First Lady Melania Trump, who was wearing red as well. (No word yet on who designed their matching getups.)
Obviously, we're fans of chokers here at Refinery29. And we've been known to like Ivanka Trump's personal style, too. But forgive us: It's just been a hot minute since we've seen one on someone other than a Hadid (or a Sasha Obama spotting last year), so maybe we just need another second to get used to the ubiquitous fad coming back into our lives, and at the White House, no less.