Celebs Are Still Wearing Leggings & Uggs, In Case You Needed An Excuse To

Photo: Sharky/Polite Paparazzi/SPLASH.
As much as we love when celebrities turn the tarmac into a bona fide catwalk, we get equally excited when they keep it real with their travel getups. And by that, we mean when they dress like those of us sitting all the way back in 42D. We're talking about throwing on one's finest comfy clothes to shuffle through the TSA line, which usually looks like a pair of leggings and casual footwear, like, say, Uggs or a good sneaker. So, thank you, Margot Robbie, for choosing an airport look that makes us proud to don our go-to travel outfit. Or does it? Robbie looks great, especially with the extra styling efforts up top. But after this, and several other celebrity endorsements of rocking only the most comfortable and casual of garb while in flight, why do we still hate on everyday women who wear the exact same thing when they travel? Especially since we copy just about every trend celebrities rock. Think about it: chokers, mom jeans, corsets and T-shirts, knee-high boots, et al. If celebs can wear (and, inevitably, get praised for) outfits that put comfort first while jetsetting, we should feel okay going the slightly schlubbier route with our on-the-go looks. But back to Robbie. If you'd like to cop this outfit, forget the paparazzi and look no further than the early-aughts staples already residing in your own closet. All it takes is your favorite pair of black leggings, the Ugg Classic Short Boot (which'll run you $160), and pretty much anything else that's cozy. We suggest a coverall type bomber, or a throw-on-and-go jacket like Robbie's that can double as a head rest or in-cabin blanket. Because, first class or not, we all know how cold airplanes can be. Go on, let your Ugg flag fly!

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