We Figured Out How A VS Angel Stays Grounded (Literally)

Photo: Splash News.
By now, we've pretty much explained the cause and effect of model-off-duty style from A to Z (and back). But never before have we seen something as...anti model-off-duty as this, which isn't a bad thing. Just when we thought we'd seen it all when it came to famous people walking on the street, Victoria's Secret Angel and mother of two Alessandra Ambrosio just stepped out in what may be the funkiest sweater dress we've ever seen. And, if you can wrap your head around it, you might just see why we like it.

In the middle of what we're presuming to be a round of Celebrities Are People, Too-style errands, Ambrosio was just bopping around the Brentwood Country Mart when the paparazzi caught her mid-strut. She's lampshading in a Romeo Reya dress (that's only $200), but we can't get over the accessory (accessories?) it comes with. Are they seat belts? A giant body harness? The frock seems undeniably comfy, but where do the belts start? Where do they end? Are they adjustable? Bare with us as we sort through another set of life's uncrackable codes.

We can only assume that perhaps this is how a VS Angel stays grounded. They live fast lives, mainly in the sky, so we don't blame Ambrosio for needed a little assistance to get down to checking the mundane things of everyday life off her list. Walking the Victoria's Secret Runway in Paris? Check. Milk? Eggs? Sugar? Check, check, check. Inadvertently starting a possible new trend because a simple sweater dress just wasn't fabulous enough? Cheecckkk.

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