30+ Outfits We Spotted Outside The Victoria’s Secret Casting Call

Photo: Michael Stewart/Getty Images.
No matter how fashion evolves, there's one style that seems to withstand the test of time: that model-off-duty look. You know it: A moto jacket, skinny black jeans, a T-shirt, boots, and a utilitarian bag — or any slight variation of that. And at this point, we've catalogued so many versions of this universally good-looking combo on both models and plebes that it's become the outfit version of avocado toast. (We like it and it's always satisfying, even though it's everywhere.) To binge on it, we took a look outside the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show casting in New York this week, where dozens (hundreds?) of models tried out for the biggest runway show of the year.
In the slideshow ahead, we're putting all of the thigh-high boots, crossbody bags, and high-waisted skinny jeans we saw strutting in and out of VS HQ on full blast. It's not like the models' everyday style has changed, per se, but the angels have a knack for making the luxury throw-and-go look appropriate for all occasions. Especially the casting of, oh, your career.