Kylie Jenner Is Wearing The It Adidas Item We All Want

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It's been quite the year of style for Kylie Jenner's walk-in closet(s). We've watched her turn socks into heels, slap corsets over T-shirts, and transform into Christina Aguilera for Halloween. But the Queen of Realizing Things is back with a brand new attraction to the athleisure paradigm and, perhaps surprisingly, it's something you've been wearing all along. The Lip Kit mogul posted a series of Instagram portraits wearing Adidas track pants, which means we can finally afford a Kardashian-blessed (not invented) trend. Perched atop what appears to be a very plush couch, Jenner clashes high and low with a pair of under-$100, cuffed, black-and-red Adidas track pants and over-$500 Yeezy heels. That's quite the jump, for sure, but the simple styling here seems easy enough to pull off at any price. To our dismay, though, we can't seem to find the pants anywhere. However, if you can't wait for Jenner's edition to surface in a store near you, try the brand's black-and-white version, or an un-cuffed basketball pant. Selfishly, we hope this doesn't cause a ripple effect across track-pant retailers worldwide; we hope those of us who actually wear these to the gym will be able to snag another pair or two before they sell out. But it is pretty cool to relate to a Kardashian-Jenner outside of, you know, Bugattis and custom Balmain. See you on the field, Kylie.

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