A $1.5 Million Private Plane & Other Things You Don’t Need This Holiday Season

Photo: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus.
Mmm, do you smell that? No, it's not freshly brewed pumpkin spice lattes you're sensing — it's the scent of all the hot-off-the-presses Neiman Marcus Christmas Books being shipped off to land on 750,000 doorsteps across the country this year. The tome is celebrating its 90th issue, but that's not why we're so excited. The arrival of this extremely fancy catalogue signals the beginning of the holiday season — not because we're actually starting our shopping in October, but because we get to look at all the hilariously expensive gifts the Dallas-based department store has scouted out as part of its Fantasy Gifts category.
The Christmas Book is 300 pages (and 700 products) strong. Every year, the folks at Neiman Marcus narrow down all the things money can buy — and we mean all the things — to a handful of one-of-a-kind packages you don't simply put a bow on.
In 2015, for instance, the standout was a trip to the edge of the world with a suggested retail price of $90,000. (Although it wasn't even the most expensive experience on the list — that honor went to a $400,000 trip to India.) The exorbitant price tags aren't just for novelty's sake: Part of the proceeds from most of the gifts in this category go to various charities. This year, the organizations include The Heart of Neiman Marcus Foundation, the Grammy Foundation, and the Akola Project.
The 2016 assortment really runs the gamut of price ranges, starting at just $25 for an Akola bracelet to a whopping $1,500,000 for a rose-gold private plane — for the ultimate debonair on your list. The gifts range from experiential (A night at the Grammys! A week in the English countryside to live your best Downtown Abbey life!) to straight-up transportation (his-and-hers Lilly Pulitzer-branded island cars, anyone?). Ahead, check out 11 outrageous gifts that made the cut this season. If you're so inclined, start nudging your most generous loved one, ASAP.

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