Kim Kardashian Returns To Social Media In An Unexpected Way

Following Kim Kardashian's Paris robbery, the reality star has been taking a break from social media. But on Wednesday, she returned to Twitter — to unfollow 13 people. Marie Claire reports that her "following" count went from 121 to 108 over the course of 10 minutes. As of Thursday morning, Kardashian hasn't tweeted since October 2, the day before the robbery. It's unclear whom exactly she unfollowed, but fans are speculating that she cut out of her life (or at least her newsfeed) those who were unkind to her after the traumatic incident. Kardashian faced a lot of victim-blaming on social media, from the press, and from other public figures, including Karl Lagerfeld and Wendy Williams.
As usual, some are reading pretty deeply into her latest move.
Kardashian has been known to make a statement through unfollowing people on Twitter. She unfollowed Perez Hilton after he called on news outlets to stop reporting on the Kardashians, according to International Business Times. Or maybe she's not throwing shade at anyone. Maybe she's just cleaning out her newsfeed. Either way, we can only imagine what her notifications look like given all the insensitive responses in the wake of her attack, and we hope she isn't taking the haters to heart.

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