The French Celebrate Kim Kardashian’s Robbery With Disturbing Tweets

On Sunday, Kim Kardashian West was robbed at gunpoint in her Parisian residence during Paris Fashion Week. Upon being notified of the news, Kanye West abruptly left a concert mid-song to address the family emergency, leaving fans shocked and confused. As details emerge about what happened to Kardashian — she was robbed of roughly 10 million dollars worth of jewelry by masked men with handguns — it's clear that this was a very real and very traumatic event. While the American Twitter is currently joking that Taylor Swift is behind the ambush in a quest for revenge, it's the French Twitter that is remarkably unmoved by Kardashian's story. In fact, many of the tweets about what happened to the reality star, mother, and wife, are downright nasty. Many have little to no sympathy for Kim let alone the Kardashian-Jenner family. Here's what some people are saying, with English translations below. It's difficult to imagine writing some of this stuff about a victim who isn't famous.
One person compared the worth of the items stolen to the minimum wage in France to point out just how excessively wealthy Kardashian is: "kim kardashian got 10 million euros worth of jewelry stolen, but the real info here is that you can walk around wearing 568 years of minimum wage."
Another posted a link to an article about the attack and captioned it "Proud to be parisian :)."
Someone else said that now Kardashian understands how "wild" the city is. Perhaps this is even a subtle call-out to one of West's lyrics from "Wolves": "You too wild/ You too wild."
Another woman joked about how much security she has for her to find herself in the threatening situation: “Kim K was robbed. What kind of security does a girl have who is surrounded 24/7 by her family, bodyguards, cameramen, and staff for her reality TV show.”
Others just want to avoid the topic all together and focus on their own personal problems: “I have no opinions on what happened to Kim Kardashian. I have issues of my own. My account is overdraft. Thanks.”
And some are particularly vulgar suggesting that she could have "twerked" them off: "I don’t understand, with Kim Kardashian’s ass, she could have knocked out her aggressors in 2, 3 twerk."
Someone else started considering what the reaction would have been if she was murdered, which is a very dark thought: "But can you imagine the drama if they had murdered Kim Kardashian?"
And finally, one guy suggested that Kardashian is a bitch: "If that bitch had listened to “Paris” by Rohff, she would have known that from bandits to rap, you can’t beat Paris."
Needless to say, it will probably be awhile before Kardashian returns to the City of Lights.

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