Wendy Williams Thinks “Soulless” Kim Kardashian Could’ve Made Up Her Attack

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When somebody is locked in their bathroom and robbed at gunpoint, the only appropriate response is sympathy. But people seem to have trouble sympathizing with Kim Kardashian. On The Wendy Williams Show, Williams made light of the incident and even shamed Kardashian over it, Perez Hilton reported. First, she laughed when she introduced the story, saying it was funny that we were talking about Kardashian when there are more important things going on in the world. Then, she joked about the concierge seeing men dressed as policemen walking in and supposedly assuming this was all very normal. She also chastised Kim for being alone in the luxury apartment. "Kim, you can't have it both ways. You've turned your life over to an international audience. Now you always have to have people around," she said. "So you're stuck having somebody around all the time because you are such an easy target. There are men who want to have their sexual way with you." She added that Kim shouldn't be broadcasting what she owns and where she is online. In case you were wondering, this is exactly what victim-blaming sounds like. It gets worse: just for good measure, Williams then doubted Kim's story. "I would hope she's not making any part of this story up just for dramatic effect. Because this family — and they're kind of soulless — you can't believe everything you hear," she said. Williams isn't the only one with an insensitive response to Kim's attack. Several Twitter users have implied that she deserved it, with some joking that Taylor Swift planned it. One user even went as far as facetiously blaming Rihanna for the incident from a fake Wendy Williams account. Unfortunately, all the trivialization and victim-blaming Kim is facing is a reminder of what victims of crimes, particularly women, face on a daily basis.

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