Dear Kim: It’s Not Your Fault

Photo: Swan Gallet/WWD/REX/Shutterstock.
Dear Kim Kardashian West, Shortly after you were bound, gagged, held at gunpoint, locked in a bathroom, and robbed of $10 million worth of treasured jewelry — including your wedding ring — people started blaming you for the incident. They're saying that you deserved it, that you got what was coming to you. As Karl Lagerfeld put it, "You cannot display your wealth then be surprised that some people want to share it." Now, rumor is that you're starting to believe in this victim-blaming (and -shaming) BS, too. “Kim’s in shock and blaming herself. She’s tearing herself up that she snapchatted the ring so much and wore it all the time," a source close to the Kardashians told People. If this is the case, Kim, then we want you to know that what happened is 100% not your fault. Don't fall prey to this ignorant, harmful mentality — the same one used to blame sexual assault survivors for the crimes perpetrated against them. If we can all agree that rape is unequivocally the fault of the rapist, then we should be able to agree that assault and robbery is the fault of the assailant, period. This didn't happen because you flaunted your riches on social media or didn't have additional security standing guard. This happened because some men decided they were going to violate and steal from you. We know you're feeling shaken right now, and all the nasty headlines and tweets aren't helping. And the effects of this traumatic incident — feeling insecure and unsafe — will likely linger. But please remember above all that what happened in that apartment is not in any way whatsoever your fault. We love you, Kim.

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