Here's How To Have A Baller Halloween Costume Using Just Makeup

It's October, and that means the countdown to Halloween is officially ON. (Seriously, where has the year gone?!) If you've already got your costume locked down, teach us your ways — because we're changing our minds every day. Do we go political? Channel a Snapchat filter? Style ourselves as someone from House Stark?
According to the National Retail Federation, 44% of Americans start shopping for Halloween during the first two weeks of October. So unless you want to resurrect the same ol' witch costume you fall back on every other year, you better start nailing down your options. To help inspire you, we rounded up 31 Halloween costume ideas from — where else? — Instagram. Some of these looks can be achieved with just some glitter and lipstick, while others require a bit more skill. Whatever your level, you're bound to find your best costume yet ahead.
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According to Pinterest, Pennywise costumes from the new adaptation of It is trending 941% more than ever before. So without further adieu: A terrifying circus clown (with impeccable brows). All you really need for this It-inspired look is red lip liner — and a lot of drool gloss.
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Photo: Via @rawbeautykristi.
Fairy fans and elf enthusiasts will love this gilded look by YouTuber @Rawbeautykristi. Style your hair in a loose halo braid, then grab a gold headband, adhere gold flakes with eyelash glue — and you're set.
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Photo: Via @openmindfreesoul.
We're starry-eyed over this intricate constellation makeup.
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Photo: Via @cosmobyhaley.
Not into a full face of stars? Try this slightly more subtle look by beauty blogger Haley Wight.
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Photo: Via
You can achieve this #highlighterchallenge-inspired costume with a product you already own — but you'll probably need to restock the next day.
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Photo: Via @NikkieTutorials.
You can't go wrong with a Snapchat filter-inspired look. Here, NikkieTutorials tries her hand at the popular lion filter.
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Photo: Via @valuuzg.
Who needs a heavy, hard-to-see-out-of mask when you have makeup?
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Photo: Via @blusshh_by_michelle.
We're digging makeup artist Michelle Agustin's Mad Hatter-inspired look.
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Photo: Via @jadedeacon.
This feline-meets-skeleton makeup is seriously spooky — especially with the circle lenses.
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Photo: Via @dehsonae.
This is quite possibly the best mother-daughter costume pairing we've seen.
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Photo: Via @Kadoolisboa.
If you've got face paint, eyeliner, and shadow lying around, you've got the fixings for the easiest cheetah costume ever.
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Photo: Via @Jordanhanz.
Bulbasaur, I choose you!
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Photo: Via @kimberleymargarita.
Kimberley Margarita's hair and makeup are straight out of Candy Land.
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Photo: Via @ladyydanger.
If you're looking for a makeup-only costume, Lichtenstein-style Pop Art is a fun choice.
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Photo: Via @glassjawbabe.
Mystique's superpower is shape-shifting — and if you can master this look, yours is AP-level artistry.
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Photo: Via @makeupdesignsbyjenny.
We'll never pass up a chance to play with our food as adults.
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Photo: Via @itsmyrayeraye.
Resurrect your middle school makeup for Halloween this year. Pair it with a throwback outfit, and you're set.
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Photo: Via @missbrimarie.
Check out your local crafts store for the props needed to re-create this woodland fairy-inspired look by YouTuber Brianna Fox.
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Photo: Via @makeupbytaren.
Hey, there are some people who are still into Pokémon Go. If that's you, then all you need are a few liquid lipsticks and an inky liner to recreate these lips.
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Photo: Via @mimies.
This year, terrify your friends by turning into an optical illusion.
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Photo: Via @monomolove.
Halloween is the perfect time to flex your makeup muscles.
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Photo: Via @PatrickStarrr.
YouTuber Patrick Starrr went full glam in this look inspired by RuPaul.
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Photo: Via @Osennyaya_Kate.
This mirror-image look by makeup artist Osennyaya Kate is mesmerizing.
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Photo: Via @NikkieTutorials.
Throw it back to NikkieTutorials' moving Power of Makeup video and paint just half your face.
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Photo: Via @Pompberry.
Turn yourself into an animated character like makeup artist Pompberry did.
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Photo: Via @rebeccaseals.
Are you a fan of The Legend of Zelda? Give this Hylian look by makeup artist Rebecca Seals a try.
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Photo: Via @Promisetamang.
Promise Tamang, the queen of YouTube transformations, is back at it again with this trippy makeup creation.
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Photo: Via @ssssamanthaa.
Shattered glass or spiderweb? You can go either way here.
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Photo: Via @shandablowdrycafe.
Or go full-on Spider-Woman.
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Photo: Via @sarahmcgbeauty.
Why so serious, Sarah McG?
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Photo: Via @roxxsaurus.
Dress up as Harley Quinn this year and put your heart-shaped face stamps to good use.
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Photo: Via @thomashalbert.
We're digging YouTuber Thomas Halbert's melted ice cream-themed look.
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Photo: Via @valerievixenart.
The resemblance between Valerie Vixen here and Hocus Pocus' Winifred Sanderson is uncanny.
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For a foolproof Ziggy Stardust, let the blue overlap onto the red slightly, Valerie Star of Caravan Stylist Studio explains. "This will give a little bit of extra dimension to the shape."
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Photo: Via @NikkieTutorials.
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