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Fans Pestered This YouTube Star About Her Stance On The Election, So She Made THIS

Grace Helbig explains why we shouldn't ignore down-ballot contests.

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We’re all familiar with the oversized personalities battling for the presidency in the center ring of the surreal circus that is election 2016. But don’t let the top of the ticket’s vertiginous drama distract you from the down-ballot judgments that may have significantly more impact on your day-to-day life, even if they’re nowhere near as wild. YouTube star Grace Helbig gives us the lowdown on why we can’t afford to ignore local and state elections — especially since they shape issues ranging from crime and custody rulings to access to affordable birth control. Voters also have the opportunity to influence their states’ policy decisions through ballot initiatives, such as California’s push to become the next state to legalize weed or Colorado’s proposed tax increase on cigarettes. So take it from Helbig and her confetti-throwing band of down-ballot enthusiasts: Learn about the smaller initiatives that will affect your hometown, even if they don't feature as much on the national stage. This video is part of We the Voters, a social impact campaign incorporating high-profile celebrities, real political players, and dynamic story lines into a series of groundbreaking short films and apps. We the Voters will demystify how the government and elections work, inspiring millions of young Americans to seize the power of their votes in the 2016 elections. Interconnecting 21 viral films and a variety of ancillary digital extensions across multiple platforms, We the Voters presents democracy and elections in a new, accessible format. As entertaining as it is informative, We the Voters promotes a clear call to action, encouraging young voters to make informed choices. It will be the ultimate resource for understanding what is at stake in this election — and in those to come.
Grace Helbig How To Vote Advice State Local ElectionsReleased on September 14, 2016

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