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We’re Playing With School House Rock To Explain Super PACs

We're using "School House Rock" to explore how Super Pacs conflate freedom of speech with money.

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Don’t ignore your School House Rock nostalgia a second longer. We’re reimagining the '80s classic “I’m Just a Bill” to explore 2010’s Citizens United Supreme Court decision — a landmark ruling that categorized political spending as free speech and galvanized the invention of massive, and often anonymous, political fundraising organizations known as Super PACs. If that sounds crooked to you, you’re not alone; elected officials and voters alike have cried foul at Super PACs’ growing influence, arguing that the wealthy shouldn’t have more sway because of their fatter wallets. Watch the video for a crash course in these shady fundraising initiatives — and the tactics their opponents are using to fight the conflation of money with speech. This video is part of We the Voters, a social impact campaign incorporating high-profile celebrities, real political players, and dynamic story lines into a series of groundbreaking short films and apps. We the Voters will demystify how the government and elections work, inspiring millions of young Americans to seize the power of their votes in the 2016 elections. Interconnecting 21 viral films and a variety of ancillary digital extensions across multiple platforms, We the Voters presents democracy and elections in a new, accessible format. As entertaining as it is informative, We the Voters promotes a clear call to action, encouraging young voters to make informed choices. It will be the ultimate resource for understanding what is at stake in this election — and in those to come.
What Are Super PACs, What Is Citizens United TutorialReleased on October 12, 2016

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