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State Laws You Need To Know About

The weird state laws you need to know about.

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Don’t plan on lending your neighbor a vacuum cleaner if you live in Colorado — it’s (inexplicably) illegal. The Centennial State’s ban on friendly Roomba swaps is just one of a handful of truly bizarre measures on the books at the local level across the United States, including Massachusetts’ sensible veto on explosive golf balls. And what’s permitted in one state isn’t always sanctioned by another, even if the two share a border. Case in point: Colorado has legalized marijuana for users over the age of 21, though all of its neighbors still criminalize the green bud. Colorado’s enthusiasm for weed is unique, too, because it demonstrates the flexibility of the Constitution’s Article 6: Typically, if something, such as pot, is considered illegal by the federal government, it’s also outlawed in the states. However, national powers are letting those good vibes slide, for the moment at least, placing Colorado on the frontier of marijuana legalization to test how it works, and to see if it could be replicated in other states as well. Watch the video above by acclaimed director Morgan Spurlock to learn more about the fascinating “bubbling lab of democracy.”

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Difference Between State And Federal Law, Weird LawsReleased on September 14, 2016

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