21 Pieces Of Jewelry That Work For The Beach

Beach jewelry is a tricky concept. In fact, you're probably tempted to strip off all your baubles before hitting the sand for a day of fun in the sun — and reasonably so. There are endless risks that come with wearing your bling to the beach: Just look at Kim Kardashian's lost diamond earrings saga for proof.
And while the last thing you want is for your jewelry to get lost (or to weigh you down during an intense game of beach volleyball), there are some pieces perfect for wearing seaside, they just need to be waterproof, durable, and delicate enough to not leave you with any funky tan lines or too-hot-to-touch metal.
So, if you just feel naked without your ear party or stacks of rings (or if you're looking to embrace the toe rings, belly chains, and bikini necklaces that seem to be made for summer), we've rounded up some lightweight jewelry that has beach days written all over it. Because, in case you'd forgotten, Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner.