Why Are People Freaking Out Over This Skirt’s Pattern?

If you've ever experienced a skirt that won't stay put — how do they always manage to twist around as we walk? — you'll sympathize with this viral photo. In a print ad for a Worthington skirt at JCPenney, a little spin of the waistline has caused some serious issues for the skirt's pattern. When the item is shown on a standing model, it looks innocent enough — a purple flower on a white pencil skirt. But in the department store's ad, which features a model walking in said piece, things are, well, different. The print has shifted to fall into an unfortunate place and many internet users aren't afraid to point out what it looks like.
Basically: As the flower moves toward the model's crotch, it looks a lot less like a bloom and a lot more like a period stain. It doesn't help that the illustrated stem could potentially resemble blood, too. The ad, which was originally posted to Imgur last week, is now making the rounds online: The post's original caption reads, "Really could've picked a better place for that 'flower' design." Fair point.
As of now, the printed skirt is still available for sale on JCPenney's website (we've reached out to the company for comment). It's not a bad price at $23.99 — but you'll probably have to put up with some strange looks while walking around in it. That, or you can watch our handy video on how to prevent your skirt from twisting around.

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