Say It Isn’t So: Von Dutch May Be Making A Comeback

As much as it pains us to say, the Jenner sisters are really pushing for a Von Dutch comeback — only this time, the unmistakable logo isn't just limited to hats. Following her sister Kendall Jenner's appearance in a trucker hat by the brand a few months back, Kylie posted a photo to Instagram wearing a matching Von Dutch bra top and skirt, littered in the label's signature script. It's hard to say whether this look is meant to be an ironic dose of nostalgia, but either way, it seems like this particular '90s resurgence doesn't show any signs of slowing down — whether we like it or not.

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This post was originally published on April 5, 2016.

Mom jeans
? We were all over those. Miniskirts? Fine. Polo shirts? Sure, why not? Typically we're among the first to fully embrace a trend when it rises from the dead. But there's one former fad that's currently threatening to make a comeback, and we kind of want to run away screaming. Lindsay Lohan circa 2005 called: She wants her trucker hat back.
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Recently, Gen Z style pioneers Kylie and Kendall Jenner, as well as gal pal Gigi Hadid, have all been seen wearing these long-retired toppers (just one look at a paparazzi pic and we're having flashbacks of our Juicy tracksuit days). The most surprising part, though, isn't that they've decided to resurface them, (this group has been known to sport some questionable looks in the past); what's shocking is that we truly thought these Von Dutch-style hats had the same chance of returning to the fashion world as Ed Hardy T-shirts did (which also, unfortunately, seem not too far away from a comeback). But when the Jenners or Hadids do something, it's almost guaranteed to go mainstream. So is this early-aughts trend really about to become as prominent as chokers and crop tops?

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To set the record straight, the trucker style is not to be confused with our now-beloved dad hats, which boast more of a fitted silhouette and a model-off-duty-meets-President-Obama-golfing vibe; those have, of course, saved us from many a bad-hair day. There's a fine line between weekend chillin' and Britney Spears in 1997 — and there's just something about the obnoxious oversized fit, mesh-back paneling, and swirly logo that doesn't hit quite the same nostalgic sweet spot as pieces from Paul Frank or Miss Sixty. But alas, we're left with questions that demand answers: Are these teens wearing trucker hats ironically? Will the style catch on all over again? Is Monica Rose to thank for this? Are the Jenners and Hadids just trolling us? We don't know what to think anymore.

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