These References In The Vetements Show Look Eerily Familiar

Vetements' oversized hoodies, bombers, and glorified Levi's have become so cult-like lately, that we were pretty much on our toes, waiting for what the next Leo Hoodie might be. For fall 2016, the brand didn't just present a handful of new bound-to-be-viral statement sweatshirts and dad hats (yep, they're going to be around for a while). It also riffed on a few brands and concepts you're already well familiar with — in an ironic way, of course.
With jabs at Ed Hardy and Justin Bieber, it seems like Vetements is continuing its streak as a more subtle, cool-kid version of Moschino, which, season-after-season, pulls very obvious "inspiration" from places like Windex and McDonald's. But, instead of consistently taking logos or color palettes from prominent brands (though it has in the past with the likes of Champion and DHL), this season was all about taking generally uncool themes and somehow making them, well, cool. Ahead are seven references we spotted — let us know in the comments if you caught any more.

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