Adele’s Isolated Saturday Night Live Vocals Are Everything

Adele already proved that she was better than us with her instant-classic performance on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. But we didn’t know exactly how much better she was until we heard this isolated audio feed from her mic alone.

Often with live performances, the voice can sound flat due to pressure and no studio assists. Clearly, Adele scoffs at your mere mortal voices. She won’t need any endorsement deals if she keeps singing like this.

This after a weekend in which she was impersonated by Miss Piggy and even herself. Also breaking was a story about her heartwarming relationship with her boyfriend.

Speaking of breaking, her new album — 25, which dropped on Friday — is on pace to break *NSYNC’s first-week sales record, having already shifted 2.5 million units. (You can check out our song-by-song breakdown here.)

Maybe next time you’ll see her live. If you’re lucky.

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