Miss Piggy Does Her Best Adele Impression & Totally Nails "Hello"

Miss Piggy may have stolen the show at tonight's American Music Awards. No, not at the actual event, but during a commercial break in which she performed her own version of Adele's hit song "Hello" as part of a promo for The Muppets TV series.

Kermit — who has been spotted with another swine since the breakup of our two favorite Muppets — even put in an appearance in Piggy's version of the newly iconic video. (Frankly, we think the parody is a perfect fit for these two.)
The Muppets.
This isn't the first time we've seen the porcine beauty channel the English chanteuse: Once upon a fan video, she did a rendition of "Rolling in the Deep." Check it out for yourself below.
Is this going to be a thing, Miss Piggy singing Adele songs? We sure hope so.

OPENER IMAGE: The Muppets.

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